"i’m gonna take a short nap!"

*wakes up 50,000 years later, my race is extinct, reapers are attacking again and the apes are somehow ruling the galaxy*

Average Lifespans in Mass Effect 

  •  Avoiding death by disease, combat, Shepard...
  • Vorcha: 20 years
  • Salarians: 40 years
  • Batarian: 80 years
  • Drell: 85 years
  • Volus: 85 years
  • Humans: 150 years
  • Turian: 150 years
  • Elcor: 500 years
  • Asari: 1,000 years
  • Krogan: 1,000+ years
  • Jenkins: 12 minutes

Dragon Age Keep Beta Key Giveaway! 


I have ONE key left for the Dragon Age Keep beta, and I’d like one of my lovely followers to have it.

Since I got involved with the beta it’s improved hugely and I’m really excited for it to be released to the general public, but until then one of you gets a sneak peek! All…

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That’s not how you do it Javik

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fathers’ reactions after the rise.

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Keep Code Giveaway! 


Hello, darlings!

I’ve got some DA Keep codes to give away (five, to be precise).

You want one? Of course you do! 

1) Must follow to win. (No giveaway blogs, I’ll be checking!) 

2) 1 like and 1 reblog per person

3) I’ll pick winners on FRIDAY September 19th at 8 pm CST using a random number generator and send you a message with your code. 

Happy Keeping!

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Have you got a minute to talk?


When Shepard has a crisis about life, Zaeed comes in

inspired by this

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I’m sorry.

I’m not. Had to be me.

No one expects the Inquisition

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